Hourglass Ambient Unlocked/Ambient Edit 4

Hello everyone, sorry that I’m late reviewing these beauties but I want to make sure that I really test out the palettes.

Hourglass released two LE holiday palettes this year, The Ambient Unlocked and The Ambient Edit 4. These palettes both retail for $80usd. The Unlocked palette is sold out and the Edit 4 is still available. I hope Hourglass make the Ambient Unlocked permanent, I think it’s the best one for dark skin.

There are 2 finishing powders, a bronzer, 2 blushers, 1 highlighter. The Unlocked palette is suppose to be all new shades. I don’t think the blushers are new or unique. The blush look like, the blushers that I already have in my collection from Hourglass or maybe it just appears that way on dark skin.

These palettes are tiny and smaller than their prior palettes which, make them hard to use because the pans are so tiny. I use the Hourglass Ambient Edit brush and it fits but I still have to be careful not to mix products together. I think these are way overpriced but I do love the quality of their products.

I also do not recommend these because of the value, it’s best to pick up some single shades. If I had to choose a palette to recommend, it’ll be the Unlocked palette because the shades are all new. I also think it’s the best one for dark skin.

Ambient Unlocked:

Ambient lighting powders 0.04oz/1.13g

Soft light is described as a soft, subtle peach

Filtered light is described as a cool, medium tone

Ambient Lighting bronzer 0.04oz/1.13g

Golden Bronze light is described as a neutral, golden bronze

Ambient Lighting Blush 0.04oz/1.13g

Nude glow- Shimmering light amber

Mood Flush- Soft plum

Metallic Strobe Lighting Powder 0.04oz/1.13g

Champagne Strobe Light- A true Champagne

I used soft light under my eyes to give them a little brightening and filtered light all over my face. I didn’t experience any flashback and it photographed well. It really does give a flawless look. The bronzer didn’t “bronze” my skin which wasn’t surprising, I own one of the singles thats suppose to be geared towards dark skin and it doesn’t bronze me either. I use the bronzers on top of my Bobbi Brown bronzer and I love it!

The Nude glow blush took some layering but it gave me a nice glow and I will use this as a blush topper or mix it with the other blush. Mood Flush was pretty on my cheeks, melts right into the skin like a typical Hourglass blush. I don’t like really pigmented blush, just a flush of color. It didn’t look ashy on my skin. I loved the highlighter, it gives a nice glow from within, it isn’t a blinding highlighter which I love or glittery.

I think the Edit 4 is suppose to be geared towards lighter skin tones but the finishing powders worked well on my skin tone. The blush looked good mixed together and I find myself having to do that a lot with their blush palettes. I think this does work on dark skin, if you aren’t worried about the bronzer. They also have a trio palette of their finishing powders if you don’t want to get this palette because of the bronzer or blush. Finishing powders aren’t really meant to be seen on the skin.

This is suppose to soften and diffuse the skin for a lit from within which it does accomplish. If you have dark skin don’t be scared of Hourglass finishing powders. It would be nice if Hourglass stop with the “one size fits all” and give us more of a variety. A palette for light, medium, and dark skin tones.


Nars Tryst cheek palette

Nars recently released a new cheek palette for the holidays. The packaging is beautiful, it retails for $59usd and is Limited Edition. It is so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to use it!

The shades are sheer but buildable, It includes 4 blushers and 2 highlighters. It is a gel like formula that can be used wet or dry. The shades are blendable and long wearing.

Kings Road is a pale pink with subtle, warm undertones and a luminous finish.

Swindle is a light medium pink with subtle, warm undertones.

Untamed is a medium dark plum with warmer undertones and a cooler, violet sheen. 

Friction is a medium taupe with warmer undertones and a metallic sheen. 

Bowery is a soft, pinky coral with warm undertones and a luminous sheen. 

Adrenaline is a deep pink with warmer undertones and a golden, luminous sheen

The 2 highlighters are very subtle (I like my highlighters this way) but buildable, both shades looked good on my skintone. I think Kings Road may come off a little ashy on deeper dark skin. Swindle and Bowery looked the same on me, they are different shades clearly but applied on me, I couldn’t see much difference in color on my cheeks. Adrenaline and Untamed also looked the same on my cheeks except Adrenaline had shimmer.

This is a beautiful palette inside and out but for me it’s only 2 blush and 2 highlighters. I found that, this palette works better with a beauty sponge. I used this with a natural hair brush, synthetic brush, wet/dry beauty sponge. I found using both natural hair and a synthetic brush, it took some time building up the product before I got a noticeable amount of product on my cheeks. I don’t like a really pigmented blush, just a little wash of color so building this up did not bother me but this palette works best with a wet/dry beauty sponge.

I think this palette is best for lighter skin tones(I’m 050 in Dior foundation). I think deep dark skin tones would be able to use the darker shades (Adrenaline, Untamed, Friction) in the palette but the Kings Road, Swindle, Bowery may come off ashy. I love the packaging and the wet/dry formula but I don’t think this cheek palette is worth the price tag because there wasn’t much difference in the blush shades on my cheeks.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I purchase this palette with my own money.

Guerlain Météorites Electric Pearl

Hello everyone, Guerlain recently released a new holiday LE Météorites, they retail for $65usd. It is a soft translucent peach with fine copper, micro sparkles and champagne pearls. This release is suppose to create a “halo of radiance”. It is more sparkly so if you do not like visible sparkles on your face, you may want to avoid this holiday release.

This year edition didn’t come with a puff. They should really figure out a way to keep the pearls from breaking even with the puff, I had broken pearls (permanent meteorites line). It still have the fragrance that they are known for which, I love. Some people stated that it smells like an “old lady”. I think they smell divined. I love opening the tin and just smelling them. If you have a really sensitive nose, you may want to avoid Guerlain altogether.

I applied the Météorites with the Guerlain Météorites powder brush. I used it as a finishing powder all over the face and it looked beautiful once I came into natural sunlight. Finishing powders aren’t really meant to be seen on the skin however these do have visible sparkle. I didn’t look powdery or cakey with wearing this, my foundation shade didn’t change and it also didn’t change the longevity of my foundation.

Here is each pearl swatched:

I used a face primer for the after application with room lighting:

I do not recommend purchasing the Guerlain Météorites powder brush, it is a rough brush. This brush is suppose to be “high quality goat hair.” I used hair conditioner to soften the bristles after washing, however, it is still kinda scratchy on the skin. The brush retails for $40usd, it’s a beautiful brush but the quality isn’t good.

I think these Météorites are beautiful, I love putting it on my shoulders and chest for a nice glow of radiance. It really does give a nice noticeable radiance to the skin, but not oily looking (I have normal skin) If you are new to Mètèorites, I suggest getting the ones that are permanent in the line. Pictures really don’t do these any justice.I think it’s best for you to try them out for yourself.

Here is a picture of Dore 4/Golden, it’s permanent in the Météorites line

here is each pearl swatched:

*I purchased these products with my own money. I take the time to really test out the product first before I give my final thoughts. Thank you for visiting.

Pat McGrath Labs- Bronze Temptation mini palette

Bronze Temptation is a new limited edition 6 pan palette. It retails for $55 USD and is available at PMG website and at Sephora. It is neutral with a pop of color. I think this was the most cohesive out of the 3 mini holiday series that she released. It has mattes, shimmers, light and dark shades.

Celestial is a light, golden beige with warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. 

Burning Desire is a medium brown with warm, yellowish undertones and a matte finish.

Supernova is a rich, emerald green with subtle, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic sheen.

Dark Paradise is a muted, dark brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. 

Corruption is a deep plum with warm, copper brown undertones that shifted from pinky plum to red copper

Provocatrix is a medium, reddish bronze with gold/green shifting shimmer with a sparkling, metallic finish. 

From my experience I think PMG eyeshadows work best with natural hair bristles. You can use synthetic but I prefer natural hair bristles. I had no problems with any of the shades, they all performed beautifully.

PMG, quality is very good and consistent. I do recommend her palettes to anyone looking for a good quality eyeshadow palette that performs wonderfully! The eyeshadows practically blend themselves and is a really good investment.

Charolette Tilbury “Luxury palette of pops”

Limited Edition “Supersonic girl”

This palette retails for $53USD and it consists of “Multi-reflecting pearls that create a mirror-like reflective effect with luster.” “The glossy esters build color intensity and brightness to boost vibrancy”. This quad can be used wet or dry.

This is a warm peach palette with a red. She also released a cooler version called “Starlight” which isn’t featured here.

Each color in the quad has a different texture and formula to suit its primary function. “Primeis emollient-rich to smooth the eyelid, Enhanceblends easily with all of the other colours, Smokeis highly pigmented to create a dramatic effect, Popis rich in light-reflecting shimmer for an eye-catching finish.

I think this palette is more pigmented than the “pop” shades in her other eyeshadow quads. My experience with these shades is, that it is best applied with the fingers for better color payoff. If you are using it as just an eyeshadow topper, you can use it with a brush, it had less color payoff whether my brush was wet or dry, but you still get the glitter effect. I didn’t use a eyeshadow primer and I didn’t get any fall out and it was long lasting. (Video in regular room lighting)

This is a beautiful palette. You can wear this quad alone or pair it with other palettes in your collection, it pairs really well with the “Stars in your eyes” palette, also by Charolette Tilbury. I think she should make this palette permeant, I would definitely repurchase if I hit pan.

Natasha Denona- Gold Palette

This palette retails for $129 and it is permanent in the line. It features 15 eyeshadow shades in matte, metallic, sparkling, and duo chrome. This palette consists of different texture gold shades with browns and 2 green shades.

The formula is nice, easy to blend. I think she should have replaced those 2 tan shades with another color, it’s way too similar. There are 2 repeat shades in this palette, the dark brown, Log (from the Sunset palette) and Aria. Aria was renamed but it is in her Sunset palette.

LIME CHROME Golden apricot with a green duochrome

PYTHON Deep teal

SPARKS Sheer vanilla gold

ARIA Warm pink beige

CAVA Sheer champagne

AURORA Peacock blue

DIJON Rich mustard

ORO Warm gold

LOG Dark brown (Igneous from Sunset)

VARIS Medium brown

BRASS Green-toned gold

SANDSTONE Cool yellow beige

ALCHEMIST Cool bronze gold

TEAK Medium brown

AURUM Cool gold

I tried this palette with and without a primer and found that ORO creased and ended up on my face. It did not last long on my eyelids without a primer but it didn’t crease on my daughter eyelids without a primer.

I think this is a beautiful palette but for myself, it is a palette that I will use with another palette. This palette looks awesome on dark skin! I love the golds, they are all different and I didn’t really expect that. The formula is consistent with her popular Sunset palette. This is a palette for true gold lovers.

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V- Bronze Seductive


Bronze Seduction is permanent palette available at Sephora and PatMcgrath website, it retails for $125 with a spectrum of senatorial pigments, crystalline pearls, and cream infused powders.This is a beautiful palette, worth every penny!

The mattes are buttery and blend like a dream! The special shades are stunning, I have not seen anything like it! They reflect very beautiful in different lighting. I had no problem with any of the shades. I do advise to use a synthetic brush for the special shades to avoid getting glitter all over your face and start with a small amount and build it up to keep everything clean. You can also use these wet for an even more bling effect! The shades practically blend themselves! They wear very well, long lasting without a primer, very pigmented and I recommend 100%.

This is a nice warm palette which are my favorite Yes, you can find a cheaper alternative to these shades besides Pat special shades but her formula is truly amazing. (Use a glitter primer for the glitter shades to avoid fall out)

The packaging is beautiful! It look and feels luxury! The palette has weight to it with a big beautiful mirror, you can feel the quality in your hands.

Here is a quick look that I did